3 Common Weight Loss Lies

Have you tried to lose weight but had trouble doing so? It could be that you have fallen victim to common weight loss myths, such as these the ones described below.

#1 Take the Weight Off Slowly

It’s true that losing weight quickly can result in just regaining that weight again just as quickly. Still, your weight loss does not have to crawl along at .5 pounds per week. As long as you are following a safe, healthy plan, it is fine to drop five pounds in one week and two in another.

Also, working on a weight loss deadline can spur motivation. At Iowa Weight Loss, they will show you how to lose weight effectively.

#2 Drinking A Lot of Water Is Good

We all should drink plenty of water daily, but drinking too much won’t cause you to eat less. Water in the stomach does not ‘feel’ the same as food, so you will still overeat. It is better to eat foods that are high in both fiber and water. A great way to eat less at meal times is to eat an apple. The combination of water and fiber makes you feel full.

#3 The Fewer Calories You Consume, the Better

It is true that you should eat fewer calories, but you need to be sure you are eating good foods and enough of them. If you eat too little in an attempt to drop weight, you may just slow your metabolism. Get at least 1200 calories daily at a minimum and don’t skip meals.

Losing weight will be easier if you follow these simple tips.